Miss Shen BOD needs your help – Fall 2015

Are you interested in volunteering for the Miss Shen Board? Or perhaps you would just like to find out how you can help out?

Miss Shen is in need of help. We are looking to fill our Registrations Coordinator for the 2015 season (Fall) and 2016 season. If you are interested in helping to shape this league please reach out to Greg Green by email. Gregorygreen2013@gmail.com

2016 Season:
Those that have interest for the 2016 Season please let us know. These are annual positions and generally set after the fall season for the next year. We are collecting names and info now and would reach back later when positions are looking to be filled. Board Positions and general descriptions of duties are posted on our website. Please send an email with your contact info for consideration.

Thank you!
Gregory Green
Miss Shen Softball